Videography & Video Studio

Video Studio

Shoot your latest TV Commercial,

create Marketing Material, direct a

Music Video, and Live Stream with us in

our full-service production room. Level

up your Corporate Digital

Conferencing, Content Creation, and

more with our full-sized cyclorama wall

to capture that iconic infinity look, with

7 RGBw LEDs ready to produce any





Easy Access!

We’re on the ground level and have a huge garage door that allows for super easy access. You can even drive a car in.

Gear Included!

Our studio space is set up to turn on a switch and start shooting. We include everything you would need except camera and talent.

C-Stands, Sandbags, Flags, Reflectors,
Extension Cables, 2 speakers, 72″ TV
High-Speed Internet


Lighting Rig!

We have seven RGBw LED lights rigged to the ceiling and controlled by a remote included with the main studio.  This allows you to change the color of the background and get a professional look with little effort.


Functional Studio Ready to Use



The whole place is Sound Insulated!

With Booking we included:
– Access to Green Room with a window to the studio!
– Access to a private Getting Ready Room!

Located close to bus and rail stops!